Want to know the world’s top pharmaceutical companies?

As we all know, now all the countries are majorly witnessing a dramatic pandemic, which is COVID-19. It affected almost all people worldwide and changed the way of living by affecting work, which is one reason to survive. But the pharmaceutical industry also plays a vital role in tackling it and working hard to get the virus’s solution. There are many companies of pharmaceuticals which are the forefronted of the fight against COVID-19.

They are all working their best to get a vaccine or solution for the virus and witness positive growth by the many companies. Many international markets are also contributing to the company’s revenue, including antibiotics and many options. Here, we discuss some of the pharmaceutical companies involved in witnessing COVID-19, and you should know.

    • Roche

Roche is one of the pharmaceutical company which is driven by sales of its new medicines. COVID-19 pandemic affects a positive impact on its sale, and many drug trials have been tested and investigated for determining the safety and efficacy of the treatment. It is estimated that the revenue of the company increased by 11 percent per year to year. One of the most revenue was reported in China, which is more than 35 percent due to broader market penetration. There are many other countries like Europe and Japan, which also contributes to its sales, and it reported a sale of $49.23 billion.

    • Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson are also one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, which also impact 1.6 percent of sales growth. Its major sale contributed to the US market by that it increases by 0.3 percent in the revenue. There are many new drugs approved like SPRAVATO, STELARA, BALVERSA, which is prescription by the company. Its growth is increased by market growth and announce their vaccine candidate, which will be entered in pre-manufacturing and expected to be available in December 2020. Some of the sales impacted due to the reduced store visit in this pandemic.

    • Sanofi

Sanofi has registered the right sale, which is contributed by many flagship products in the pharmaceutical division, and its total revenue increased by 4.8 percent year on year. This company also tie-up with Roche by signing the agreement for the flu treatment and announced to established consumer healthcare business for staking in Regeneron. It also gets benefitted by 30.2 percent of its sales during the year due to emerging markets. It also collaborates with Translate Bio to develop the vaccine for the COVID-19 and also with Biomedical Advanced Research for developing a self-testing solution. And with the help of, the business has saved a ton which they then reinvest to grow their brand even more. 

    • Pfizer

Pfizer also gets impacted in its revenue by declining by 4 percent with the biopharma segment. Some international markets also contributed to its revenue by 54 percent due to its sales of anti-infective products. The US also contributed to the company sales by 46 percent due to its anti-seizure drug. It also plans to increase its investment in the development of anti-infective drugs.


So these are some world’s pharmaceutical companies which you should know.