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How Does Adderall XR Work And What Are Its Side Effects

If you have been prescribed the medication called Adderall XR then it is quite likely that you will go through all sources of information possible to get a better understanding of this drug. At the very simple level, Adderall can be described as a stimulant which brings together different amphetamines. Its main application so to speak is the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Doctors prescribe this medication in the correct dosage keeping in mind aspects such as the age of the patient, the gender of the patient and they also need to know the kind of medicines that the patient is takingto manage drug interaction. And if you are in need of vitamins and food supplements, visit the nearest Canada Pharmacy.

Adderall works in two ways. One is the instant release or IR mechanism and the other is the extended-release or the XR mechanism. Slow or extended-release simply means that the medicine continues to release its healing power through the day. It releases two distinct doses at two distinct times. The first does gets released instantly and the second dose takes around four hours later to be released into the bloodstream. Generally speaking, doctors suggest that the dosage begins with 10mg and this should be taken in the morning. There is a gradual increase in dosage thereafter.

It is also good to swallow the capsule whole. If the patient has some difficulty in swallowing then the contents can be mixed with food but then care should be taken that this food item is finished completely. One should not bite into the drug contents. It is also important for the patient, his friends and family to know about the side effects of the medicine. Normally, the side effects of Adderall XR include headaches, dizziness and a certain sense of anxiety. These are the most common side-effects of Adderall XR.

They can also be symptoms such as restlessness, tremors and insomnia. At the extreme end of the spectrum, Adderall XR could result in uneven heartbeat and the patient feeling extreme emotions of sorrow or joy. In a few cases Adderall XR has resulted in allergic reactions in patients which could include swelling of the face, a sense of being choked and even extremely dry mouth. If the side-effects of taking Adderall XR has resulted in these extreme symptoms then do not waste even a single moment in contacting your physician and telling him or her about it. Doctors advice that you should stop your medication in case any of the serious side-effects show up in your case.

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