The importance of orthodontics

There are many people who believe that orthodontics is a useless waste of money because they think their only purpose is aesthetic, not realizing that – only for it – it is an important treatment to restore self-esteem. For others, the beauty of her face is very important, since a perfect smile is key to physical attractiveness, do not hesitate to undergo dental treatment of this type. But not those that are situated at one end or which are on the opposite takes into account that orthodontics is more than one treatment of esthetic dentistry.

Orthodontics serves occlusion (contact relationship between upper and lower teeth), and not only get it for aesthetic purposes but also seeks the teeth meet the appropriate role.

We can define orthodontics as the branch of dentistry that studies and treats the correction of the occlusion by machines that exert forces on the teeth. Your result is twofold: firstly, plays a functional purpose, as each tooth can fulfill the task that was “born” and, secondly, aesthetics, because in the XXI century is associated with perfect alignment denture with a nice smile. And a beautiful smile that is vital to get the beauty of our face.

Invisible Orthodontics meet the same objectives as traditional braces, but does so without the need to put in the mouth uncomfortable and noticeable brackets. Unlike such traditional braces, the invisible orthodontics uses a number of trays (aligners) of a transparent material, more aesthetic, which lets you gradually move the teeth into position.

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